Thursday, May 25, 2017

Some books that I've really enjoyed...

A list of books that I've enjoyed:


  1. It's very nice of you to share this list, I've even seen one familiar title! The very first one, "Java 8 in Action", but I had been reading it 2 months ago, at time when I didn't know a thing about java. Back then, I was sure that reading well-structured and complex materials would be the best option in order to sort this out with fundamentals. Well, no, it was written in quite confusing language, I couldn't understand a word. Later then I found this resource with huge amount of tutorials on java core more info here if you may find this to come in use either. I guess it would be so not for beginners only, but for experienced guys, as a handbook, in order to rethink something

    1. You posted this comment a _long_ time ago, and I'm so used to mainly seeing spam messages that I completely missed this comment.

      I completely understand the criticism of the Java Lambdas book for someone looking to learn Java.

      I actually find most information online instead of buying books. I will buy books that I think might be a good reference or mention rare features that I might overlook if it weren't in a book.

      The books I listed above seemed pretty good at the time I made the list. I mostly feel that way now, but my feelings about the AWS study guide book didn't age well. Some of the features have changed, or defaults are different now.

      The link you shared has some good information! It reminds me of the "Java Trails" tutorials ( I originally learned Java using the Java Trails tutorials.

      Definitely check out sources on SOLID (, and I recommend the algorithms course on coursera that I mentioned above.

      I also have been enjoying podcast and youtube channel. Their podcast is tailored towards people that like to keep learning, and not on specific languages. They do like .net, but they cover a wide range of topics.

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