Sunday, August 11, 2013

Using git with Google Code projects on Windows...

I decided to host a project on Google code, and chose git as the source repository since that is what I am familiar with. The Google code project page presents an auto generated password when you first create your project for use when pushing changes. You can regenerate this password if you need to.

One drawback of using an auto generated password is that they are purposely hard to remember, and therefore are not quite as easy to type in accurately on the command line. The projects source section suggests the following:

Add the following to your .netrc. 
machine login <you google email address> password [generated password] 

I had no idea what a .netrc file was, so I looked around. At least on *nix machines, the .netrc file contains auto login information that can be used by ftp and rexec commands.

From what I read it sounded like I just needed to create the .netrc file in my user's home directory with the line as it is listed above.  I created the .netrc file, but I was still being prompted for my username and password when I would attempt to push changes to the repository. I searched a little more and I found a comment by named Dave Borowitz saying that the file should be named _netrc on Windows machines.

I changed my file name to _netrc and then I was able to push changes without entering my password.  

I didn't spend a great deal of time looking for the answer, but I feel like I was a bit lucky as well. I think there should be a mention about naming the file _netrc on the Google project source page.

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